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The Incredibles Theory: How the Supers got the powers

Before I start, this is where the theory comes from:

The Theory

This slightly goes with another theory that was on my original fan theories post (Link here. It’s the “Syndrome was not the villain of “The Incredibles”. He was an anti-hero. The third one) but you need to get to the end to understand.

What the theory says:

  • The Amercian government put powers into the people with Super powers
  • The children of two supers have supers.
  • The government most likely had trained and registered all the supers, then gave up on the project when Mr. Incredible does the thing with the train in the beginning
  • But they were funding Syndrome to get rid of the supers, unaware that he was killing them, not imprisoning him.

Is the theory legit? Absolutely. It also plays into the Pixar Theory (the theory saying that the entire Pixar universe is connected) with many references to the Incredibles, but no supers. Are the powers just illegal now? Or they soldiers at war?

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Top 30 Films (2015): The Rest of the List

15. Nanny McPhee

14. Whiplash

13. Brave

12. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

11. The Adventures of Tintin

10. Monsters Inc.

9. X-Men: Days of Future Past

8. The Incredibles

7. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

6. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

5. Mulan

4. Birdman

3. Interstellar

2. Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

  1. Murder on the Orient Express


Honorable Mentions

  • Ratatouille
  • No Resversations
  • 13 Going on 30
  • Miss Congeniality
  • Woodlawn
  • Facing the Giants
  • Inception
  • Tangled
  • Frozen
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: World’s End
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Top 30 Films (2015) #19


The reason Locke is on this list:

  • Tom Hardy had a great performance on this movie, as everything falls apart in a 90 minute car drive
  • Despite the plot is a man loses everything in a 90 minute drive and an event in the past, the movie is still so captivating.

Why Locke is only #20:

  • That plot was really boring…
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Top 30 Films (2015) #27

Bridge to Terabithia

Why Bridge to Terabithia is on this list:

  • Young AnnaSophia Robb and Young Josh Hutchinson (Who will return on this list) were really good.
  • A magical land of magical creatures and Jess & Leslie can access it by a bridge, which is really creative.
  • The obvious opposites and similarities of the two main characters
  • The last 10-15 minutes are so great, had they not been there, this film would not be on the list.

Why Bridge to Terabithia is only #27:

  • The teacher in the movie was incredibly creepy and takes Jess on a solo field trip on a weekend. Just, creepy much?







  • (MASSIVE SPOILER!!!!!) We never see Leslie’s death scene, at least do a flashback!
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Top 30 Films (2015) #29

29. Finding Nemo

Why Finding Nemo is on this list:

  • A fish loses his rebellious son and will go to all lengths to find him
  • Gil, the greatest character in Pixar history is like the fish Miagi, with all his wisdom for all young people out there.
  • The fish tank storyline is so entertaining with the previously mentioned Gil, Flo and her sister, Bubbles, Francis were all very entertaining.
  • Dory is a great character in of her self
  • The turtles are pretty great.

Why Finding Nemo is only #29:

  • There are many Pixar movies that are much better than Finding Nemo
  • Dory cannot speak whale and her attempt was beyond pitiful. That scene was painful
  • The Marlin/ Dory storyline is boring (compared to the fish tank of course) and could have been more interesting.
  • That the turtle scene is so short.
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Amazing Race 27 Half-Season Post

Review of first half of the season:

What I was RIGHT about:

  • Alex & Adam went early
  • Kelly & Shevonne went early
  • Tanner & Josh are getting a massive edit
  • Tiffany & Krista being at the bottom so much

What I was WRONG about:

  • Justin & Diana would be the first ones out
  • Cindy & Rick being 4th
  • Jazmine & Danielle would win
  • Ernest & Jin would make the end

Mid Season Power Rankings (Based on edit and performance so far):

6. Logan & Chris

Constantly fighting, always in the top half of the leg standings, at least they’re somewhat fun to watch.

5. Denise & James

Always on the bottom, had a tough leg and have been showed a lot as a team who will have no shot.

4. Tiffany & Krista

I’m truly shocked they aren’t gone or on the bottom of my power rankings, but they are good socially, so no U-Turns, but they’re willing to U-Turn, and they are good at some challenges.

3. Tanner & Josh

A strong team determined to defeat Justin & Diana, but rivalry edit doesn’t usually end in a win.

2. Justin & Diana

Has 4 leg wins so far, have a massive rivalry with most teams, if they can past the U-Turn untouched, they win. If not? They could go home and argue.

  1. Kelsey & Joey

They’re going to win. They have a nice person edit, they have no enemies, they are always so close to the win, and Justin & Diana takes it away from them, building up to stealing wins away from Justin & Diana including the final leg.

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MasterChef Junior Season 4 Preview (Or Premiere Recap)

MasterChef Junior is back for the fourth season! And the kids are still cute and still mind-blowing good.

This is off the first episode and what people said and how much airtime they got.

Already gone:

Kade & Alexander:

Kade: Rightfully eliminated. Not that great, burnt his marshmallows.

Alexander: Should not have gone home. He had more marshmallows than Ian, and his dish was better then Ian’s. Just didn’t get the cake mold.

Everyone Else in the Competition:


His dish was bad and he should have gone home. He’s going home pretty soon.


Won the mystery box. Saved someone who was really invisible. Massive threat to win this season.


He was really funny, but he won’t win. He doesn’t suck, but he doesn’t rock.


Was not terrible, not great. Very invisible, but highly skilled, lots of potential.


Very good, could win this season. Dark Horse.


Hmmmm…. I’m not sure about Zac. He could win, but he could flame out and get really cocky, but he’s a good cook.


Definitely has a shot to win the season, and is the best cook over 10 in this competition.


Saved by Mia, other than that, WHAT DID SHE DO?

Amaya, Annabelle, Chad, Corey, Derek, Jaeclyn, JJ, Kaitlyn, Kyndall, Nate, Tae-Ho:



Quite the character, and a great cook. Has a very good shot to win. Not my pick, but she should make the final three.


Killed this episode, with how nice she is and having one of the best dishes of the episode. She is currently my pick to win the season, but it could switch with Avery or Kya.

Winner’s Pick after one episode: Addison

Who else has a legit shot?: Sam, Avery, Kya, Zac, Mia, Jesse

Who has no shot to win: Ian, Adam

Who are my favorites this season (Character wise): Avery, Addison and Mia.