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Fan Theories Pt. 2

Disclaimer: Some of them actually have no answer to it.

A few months ago, I did a post about Fan Theories and I called it “Fan Theories Pt. 1” (link is below)

This is part 2.

Princess Bride

In the movie: Wesley had told Dread Pirate Roberts about Buttercup and was kept alive for that. Dread Pirate Roberts made Wesley the Dread Pirate Roberts (which is a code name)

This one is probably well known, but I brought it up on Reddit (Link in the subtitle). The premise of this idea is that The Dread Pirate Roberts heard the story of Buttercup and was touched, but still kills Wesley. He immediately regrets it and then looks for Buttercup in a way to repay Wesley, but never tells Buttercup (for obivous reasons).

“The Polar Express”

You meet a character on the roof on the train. He is a hobo, who is voiced by Tom Hanks. Along with the main boy, his dad, Santa and the Conductor.

I can’t find any reason for the hobo, but I have started thinking about who the Hobo could be:

  • An alternate version of either Billy or the hero boy if they never went on the train, they become bitter to life and became homeless and figures out time travel and makes sure his younger self gets on the train and disappears forever after. Counter-argument: Paradox! PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT TIMES SHOULD NEVER TOUCH!
  • The ghost of the original conductor who makes sure nobody ever falls off the train, because he’s a nice dude

Additional Theories I have no idea about:

  • When the Hobo disappears, why is the last thing remaining his hand?


This one is a silly, yet disturbing one. They’re all patients in an insane asylum in the ’50s. I refuse to type about, but it’s mind-blowing. Link is below

Doctor Who

  • From series 5, there is a huge alliance made of aliens who hate The Doctor. Prisoner Zero was the first to mention it. When the alliance comes, he is imprisoned, but Prisoner Zero was not there when the alliance imprisons The Doctor. Also, the Silence was part of it… everyone just forgot.
  • Midnight’s monster… who is it? I actually don’t know and neither does anyone else! Please help all of us!

Wizard of Oz

  • Oz is a parallel universe and the Wizard is Wonka after realizing he’s a failure… maybe?
  • Glinda is evil and was using Dorothy to get rid of her competition (like Grace Cahill may have in The 39 Clues)


  • One that overly bothers me: the poem “Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night” is mentioned multiple times.
  • Another one that bothers a Reddit user: After being on the planet for 23 years, Cooper and Brand’s colleague was fine. He doesn’t go insane. HOW! HE WAS ALONE FOR 23 YEARS

Falling Into Place

I have two theories about this novel, but this spoils this novel heavily.

  • It’s all based on the last five chapters. Liz died and the end is what her imaginary friend wanted to happen and she’s fading into the ether forever and she trying to teach us all a lesson.
  • The other is that Liz is letting go of the imaginary friend and she is fading and she is teaching us all a lesson.

Edge of Tomorrow

  • That ending. That’s all I have to say. HOW DID HE RESTART TIME?! HE LOST IT!!!!!!

Sharkboy and Lavaboy

I have one theory, but it’s likely wrong… Max is a mutant and his power is he can create new worlds and people in that world.

Sherlock (BBC)

  • In episode one, the cab driver was immune to the poisonous pill (like “The Princess Bride” in the battle of the wits) and Sherlock would have died (for real)
  • In the end of Season 3, Mycroft says “You remember what happened to the other one?” who is this other person? The death of Moriaty? Irene Adler escaping? A third sibling?
  • Various discussions of Sherlock not dying and Moriaty not dying or actually dying.

Legend of Zelda

  • The timeline (Which in fact has been explained. Click here)
  • The game breaks the fourth wall and Link explains what’s going on to us. Click here


There’s one on Reddit and I really liked it, but it is somewhat disturbing BEWARE FELLOW HUMANS. Bowser is Peach’s dad and the king of the Mushroom Kingdom (Click here).

_________ is the true hero of ________. Or ____________ (perceived hero’s name) is the villain of _________

Always a fun theory to come across if you are familiar of said story. Honestly, just type into the Fan Theories subreddit search bar “is the true hero of”


  • Samwise is the true hero of Lord of the Rings (films)

This exists. I don’t know where. This is my personal favorite theory, because in a way, Frodo addresses that theory when Sam tells Frodo how famous he will become.

and various others

Wreck-It Ralph

This is maybe the only fan theory I made myself before I read it. Calhoun shot her husband as he got eaten by a Cyborg, which is incredibly sad.

The Incredibles

Kari playing Mozart causes Jack-Jack to get his powers. Click Here


The Ones I don’t have an answer and I need help for that

  • “The Polar Express” hobo’s hand
  • The monster from Doctor Who’s “Midnight”
  • The poem from “Interstellar”
  • Ending of “Edge of Tomorrow”
  • The other one from “Sherlock”


Feel free to break all my theories, or other people’s theories

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Ranking the Doctor Who Seasons

Here it is. I’ve planned to do this after I finished Doctor Who season 9, and I finally did it.

Special Note: All Specials will be their own season, and I will separate half seasons.

12: Season 2

Oh, Season 2… it had blossomed at the end, but the beginning (except for the werewolf, “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the Sarah Jane episode) was ridiculously bad. The finale had one great moment and that was the “end” of Rose, who is really overrated. But it did introduce the Ood in a brilliant way, and we got the devil as the monster. While the fanbase hates “The Idiot’s Lantern”, and “Fear Her”, I always defend those, but had it been in a later season, it wouldn’t be hated. I truly think it’s disliked is because it’s in a bad season. I will also say, the worst premiere of any season ever. Best part: The Ood double-header Worst Part: “New Earth”

11. Season 1

I’m happy I started Doctor Who at Season 1, because if I had caught on somewhere else and decide to go back, I would have quit at the Green farters. Season 1 was not very good, but it has gems in “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”, the finale, “Dalek” and “The Unquiet Dead”. But it had big failures in “Rose” which wasn’t a very good pilot, “The Long Game” which I consider a bottom episode of Doctor Who, “Aliens of London/World War Three”. Those three episodes poorness over-power how good the four episodes I mentioned before. The best thing of the season was the storyline of “Bad Wolf”, but the worst (by far) was Adam Mitchell.

10. The Specials

I’m talking about every Christmas Special, the specials in between seasons 4 and 5 and the specials in between 7 and 8.

The only reasons that it’s not the bottom two is because “Water of Mars” was a special, “The Christmas Invasion” was good, and “Last Christmas”. Also, the 50th anniversary episode.

Let’s start at the beginning. “The Christmas Invasion” is a fun episode. But then came “The Runaway Bride”. This was one the first episodes I watched, and I didn’t like it at all. And then “Voyage of the Damned”… maybe one of the worst episodes ever. “The Next Doctor” honestly fell flat. “End of Time” wasn’t too good. Nor was “A Christmas Carol”. I refuse to talk about “The Doctor, The Witch and The Wardrobe”. “The Snowmen” was… okay. “The Time of the Doctor” was good, not great…  but then came “Last Christmas”. Possibly a top 10 episode of Doctor Who revived. “The Husbands of River Song” fell flat.

Then the non-Christmas specials in “The Planet of the Dead”, “The Water of Mars” and “The Time of the Doctor”.

“Planet of the Dead” was a great episode, but not perfect. “The Water of Mars” is a brilliant episode, the only one of these episodes I’m willing to put into my top 5 episodes. “The Time of the Doctor” was good, but slightly overrated. It’s not the greatest ever Doctor Who.

Best part: “The Water of Mars”. Worst part: uhhh… “The Doctor, The Witch and the Wardrobe” or “Voyage of the Damned”.

9. Season 3

Season 3 is like season 1. A season with a lot of gold, but the poor performances of two stories weighs the season down a lot. The two stories are “Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks” which is without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Then came “The Lazarus Experiment”. Something that I will say about “Blink” is that it’s incredibly overrated. There I said it. On a first watch, “Blink” is really good. If you have one shot to get someone into Doctor Who, show them “Blink”. But on repeat watches, it’s not brilliant at all, whatsoever.

But there’s a lot of great iconic episodes. “The Shakespeare Code “Girdlock” and “42” are three episodes which were incredible episodes but everyone forgets. Then we get to another good episode in “Human Nature/The Family of Blood” which is solid. Also, a good premiere in “Smith and Jones”. And in my opinion, I like three-part episodes, and “Utopia/ The Sound of the Drums/ Last of the Time Lords” is a big reason why.

Best part: “42”.

Worst Part: the Daleks


8. Season 8

I’m shocked Season 8 is not at the bottom, knowing I almost quit watching after this season, but here is, beating specials and the first three seasons.

It was half good, and half bad. The good half was “Into the Dalek” a good idea that actually worked, “Listen” (the best post-Tennant episode), “Time Heist” a big mind blower, “Kill the Moon” which was a polarizing episode, but it was really good by itself, “Mummy on the Orient Express” a solid action filler episode and “In The Forest of the Night” which is an episode I’ll defend a lot.

But the bad stuff were all ideas that were tried, but didn’t work. Like “Deep Breath”, “The Caretaker”, and “Flatline”. Then the bad stuff that would never work, “Deep Water/Death in Heaven”, and “Robot of Sherwood”.

Best Part: “Listen”

Worst Part: “Flatline”


NOTE: The gap between 8 and 7 is a really big gap.


7. Season 7 Pt. 1

Started out in an insane way with the Daleks, but QUIT BRINGING BACK DALEKS! “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” fell flat, as did “The Angels Take Manhattan”. It’s so far down because (SPOILERS) Amy & Rory died. Despite “The Town Called Mercy” was so brilliant, and “The Power of Three” was a really fun episode.

Best Part: The Power of Three

Worst Part: Dinosaurs


6. Season 6 Pt. 2

It had a interesting start with “Let’s Kill Hitler”, but then “Night Terrors” came, and it was great. “The Girl Who Waited” was good, not great, very overrated. Then came “The God Complex” which was so much fun to watch. “Closing Time” had Cybermen.. moving on. Then the finale fell flat.

Best Part: “Night Terrors”

Worst Part: The Teselecta


5. Season 6 Pt. 1

I will say it had a great beginning (“The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of the Moon”) and ending (“A Good Man Goes to War”). “The Doctor’s Wife” was really overrated, but still good. But “The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People” was really good. Had “Curse of the Black Spot” had been left in the original spot and “Night Terrors” the original episode 3 was switched, this would be in the top 5. “Curse of the Black Spot” just sucked.

Best Part: “The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon”

Worst Part: “Curse of the Black Spot”


4. Season 7 Pt. 2

“The Bells of Saint John” fell flat a lot, not a good episode at all. But then we had a legendary episode in “The Rings of Akhaten” which was a great episode to me. And then “Cold War” *head drops*. I hated “Cold War” after two watches. “Hide” was a really good episode. “Journey in the Centre of the TARDIS” is like “Cold War”. But”The Crimson Horror” was a great episode. “Nightmare in Silver” was a great experiment that works. Then “The Name of the Doctor” was mind-blowing.

Best Part: The end of “Rings of Akhaten”

Worst Part: “Cold War” or “Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS”.


3. Season 9

The premiere (“The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar”) was solid. Then came “Under the Lake/Before the Flood” which was fantastic, and a deaf girl, even more fantastic. Then came “The Girl who Died” which was good. “The Woman who Lived” was not very good at all. “The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion” was so much fun to watch. Choices on “Doctor Who” always make me interested. Then came “Sleep No More”, depending on who you talk to, it’s an experiment that worked/ didn’t work. I think it worked. “Face the Raven” was not good. At all. Fight with me on the comments below. Go for it. But then came “Heaven Sent” what a brilliant episode. “Hell Bent” made no sense.

Best Part: “Zygon Inversion” or “Before the Flood” or “Heaven Sent”

Worst Part: “Face the Raven”



2. Season 5

After a long break, they came back with a bang. “The Eleventh Hour” was incredible. Then we have some episodes that people don’t talk about in “The Beast Below”, “Victory of the Daleks”. Then the Weeping Angels! Then comes the vampires… not too bad, pretty brilliant. “Amy’s Choice” is never spoken about ever. Then the Silurians double header was great, and iconic. Then we have Vincent Van Gogh who was great, and then “The Lodger” was good, not great, and then the finale… Just woooow.

Best Part: The Silurians

Worst Part: “The Lodger”

  1. Season 4

The funniest premiere in “Prisoners in Crime”, a average/good episode in “Fires of Pompeii”, “Planet of the Ood” was a great episode. The Sonartan double-header wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t bad. “The Doctor’s Daughter” is brilliant, as is “Unicorn and the Wasp”. Then the beginning of River Song. Then the greatest episode in “Midnight”. Then the finale, where everyone returns.

Best Part: “Midnight”! 🙂

Worst Part: … none of the episodes were bad. so… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Sonartan double header.



  1. Season 4
  2. Season 5
  3. Season 9
  4. Season 7 Pt. 2
  5. Season 6 Pt. 1
  6. Season 6 Pt. 2
  7. Season 7 Pt. 1
  8. Season 8
  9. Season 3
  10. Specials
  11. Season 1
  12. Season 2



Feel free to comment about how wrong I am.


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MasterChef Jr. Season 4 Recap

Wow. What a season. It was predictable from the beginning that two girls would wind up at the end together. And as it is, it was Avery vs. Addison. The two A girls faced off.

In the end, it was Addison who won by a hair against Avery in perhaps the best ever MasterChef Jr. episode ever.


The chef report card:

Alexander: All I’m going to say is Alexander got screwed. He should not have gone home. His dish was better than Ian’s. His bandanna was fantastic. Also a good character as well. C+

Cade: No doubt the worst dish of the season, deserved to go home first, not a bad character all round. Worst chef of the season. F.

Annabelle: After episode one, people could have seen her as a power player this season and then she flamed out. D

Chad: Who? N/A

Vivian: Not that bad. Underrated. She was good in the first episode. Then she almost goes home episode two and she finally goes home episode three. C+

Kyndall: Great character, but not a good chef. C-

Jaeclyn: That hat is all anyone will remember of her. Somewhat useless. E

Adam: Who? N/A

Derek: Had no shot at all. E-

Nate: The mad scientist himself, good character, had a great shot to win but winds up as an early boot. Would’ve won another season. Still crying he didn’t make top ten, very underrated. B-

Mia: Not too bad, but she was a good chef in the season, in any other season, could have won. C+

Tae-Ho: Great chef, underrated as well. He was a good character. B-

Ian: Not a good chef at all, should have gone home episode one, but he was a fantastic character. C

Jesse: Great character, and he was great with desserts. B

Corey: Was only visible when he was any good or in danger. Not great, somewhat overrated. D+

Kaitlyn: I said most of the chefs before were underrated, but Kaitlyn was the most underrated chef this season. A-

Kamilly: Not a bad chef, but she was not great. C+

Sam: That mohawk! He turned down a job with Christina, the boy has guts. B+

Kya: The best chef who didn’t get to the end of the season. Easily could have won. Maybe the fan favorite. Got screwed in the final six. A

JJ: Who? N/A

Amaya: Somewhat annoying and wasn’t that bad or that good. C+

Zac: Invisible in the middle of the season, but could have won it all. B+

Avery: Laughs galore, great chef, candidate for fan favorite of the season, easily could have, and maybe should have won. A+

Addison: Brilliant character, dare I say it, a predictable winner (I picked her as my winner episode one) Massive downfall at final eight, until the finale and she cut her finger and made the huge comeback. A+


My post-episode one predictions:

Winner: Addison


Also had a good shot: Sam, Avery, Zac, Mia, Jesse.

Mostly right.

No Shot: Ian, Adam

Nailed it.

Favorites: Avery, Addison, Mia

Mostly right. Mia was boring. Updated: Avery, Addison, Kya.


Final Season Questions:

BEST COOK: Avery or Addison



FUNNIEST MOMENT: The marshmallow shower


MOST SCREWED: Alexander and Kya



WORST PART OF SEASON: Addison was the predictable winner.

BEST CHALLENGE: The croquembouche. I will say, that it should be a challenge in any version, any season. Also the child cookbook challenge.


That’s it. The fourth MasterChef Jr. season is finally over. I will be back for MasterChef Canada 3

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Chris Chibnall`s works on Doctor Who

Chris Chibnall will be the new head writer of Doctor Who. He has written a few episodes of Doctor Who.  This article will be examining his episodes.

“42”: Season 3, Episode 7

A pet peeve about the Doctor Who fanbase is that they have forgotten about 42, despite how imporant it is to the season arc. A spaceship’s engine breaks down, an infected man wants everyone to burn with him and he  happens to be the captain’s wife. It’s an intense and brutal episode to watch.


“The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood” Season 5, Episode 8-9

Another forgotten episode of Doctor Who, despite the importantance to the season arc. First up, we got the return of the classic monsters, the Silurians. Then we have some insanely great guest characters in Ambrose, Elliot, Nasreen and the Silurian twin sisters.


“Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” Season 7, Episode 2

Let’s just call this one “The Doctor loses his heart, featuring Brian Williams, a hunter and the queen of Egypt” and move on.


“The Power of Three” Season 7, Episode 4

Cubes invade the Earth, Brian Williams returns, The Doctor stays, and a confusing ending (which is always good).

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Doctor Who news

Steven Moffat will no longer be the head writer of Doctor Who after the Christmas Special in 2016. The replacement? Recurring writer Chris Chibnall.

What Steven Moffat did for Doctor Who:S

Steven Moffat’s episodes

  • “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”
  • “The Girl in the Fireplace”
  • “Blink”
  • “Silence in the Library/The Forest of the Dead”
  • “The Eleventh Hour”
  • “The Beast Below”
  • “The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone”
  • “The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang”
  • “A Christmas Carol”
  • “The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon”
  • “A Good Man Goes to War/Let’s Kill Hitler”
  • “The Wedding of River Song”
  • “The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe”
  • “Asylum of the Daleks”
  • “The Angels Take Manhattan”
  • “The Snowmen”
  • “The Bells of Saint John”
  • “The Name of the Doctor/The Day of the Doctor/The Time of the Doctor”
  • “Deep Breath”
  • “Into the Dalek” (Co-wrote)
  • “Listen”
  • “Time Heist” (Co-wrote)
  • “The Caretaker” (Co-wrote)
  • “Dark Water/Death in Heaven”
  • “Last Christmas”
  • “The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familar”
  • “The Girl who Died” (Co-wrote)
  • “Heaven Sent/Heaven Bent”
  • “The Husbands of River Song”

What Steven Moffat created

  • The Weeping Angels
  • Matt Smith’s Doctor
  • The Gas Mask kid
  • The Silence
  • River Song
  • Peter Capaldi’s doctor
  • The Crack in Time
  • The Vasnra Nerada
  • The Return of the Time Lords
  • Amy & Rory
  • Clara

Cases that the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who was better than the Russell T. Davies era:

  • My favorite series of Doctor Who was series 5, Moffat’s first season
  • Amy & Rory are great characters
  • The complex character of River Song
  • The episode “Listen”
  • Russell T. Davies had Rose…

Cases that Russell T. Davies era was better than Steven Moffat Era

  • Captain Jack Harkness
  • He brought back Sarah Jane
  • We got Martha and Donna
  • He wrote “Midnight”, the greatest modern Doctor Who episode ever

The top 5 Steven Moffat episodes of all time:

5. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances

4. Time Heist

3. The Beast Below

2. Last Christmas

  1. Listen
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Fan Theories Pt. 1

I’m going to start by saying that Fan Theories are brilliant. Some are true, and some aren’t but we wished they were true.

These are certain ones I think are quite brilliant.

NOTE: I came up with none of these.

The Pixar Theory

ThePixar Theory

This theory takes the easter eggs in all of Pixar’s films and combines and connects all the films together as all taking place in the same world, showing the conflicts between humans, animals and machines.

NOTE: This was written before “Inside Out”, but “Inside Out” still fits.

How the The Pixar Theory Works on the Human Side:

  • In “Brave” (which according to the theory is the first movie chronologically, set in 14/15 Century) we meet the Will-O-Wisps and an old witch who uses doors to travel.
  • In “The Incredibles” (1950s/1960s), the humans have super powers but the Artificial Intelligence (Omnidroids) as Mirage says it “Too smart to take orders”, starting a war between Humans and Machines
  • In the “Toy Story” (1997-2010) franchise, we are shown humans using and ridding of toys as they grow older, the love for the toys are fueled by Joy in “Inside Out”. Also, Andy has a monster, named Randell.
  • In “Ratatouille” (2007), humans and animals interact directly (Remy & Linguini). Some humans accept, and some protest (Skinner).
  • In “Up” (2011-2016), Charles Muntz uses machines to make animals talk. The animals become as smart as the humans.
  • In “Cars” and “Cars 2” (2100-2200), the humans are all gone (likely in the ship from WALL-E), and the machines keep up the traditions of humans.
  • In “WALL-E” (2800-2900), WALL-E and EVE allow the humans to return to Earth and the viewers realize that the humans have been kept captive by the Auto-Pilot, which runs BnL (Buy n Large, who also made Carl in Up to move), making the humans dependent on machines, taking revenge for “The Incredibles” and “Toy Story”.
  • In “Bug’s Life” (2898-3000), the humans are just beginning to return to Earth and just aren’t in the movie.
  • In “Monsters Inc.” and “Monsters University” (4500-5000), the humans become monsters. Sulley meets Boo, and they form a very strong friendship. Boo, then goes on a mission to find Sulley again, becoming the witch in “Brave”.

How the Pixar Theory works on the Animal side:

  • In “Brave” (14/15 Century), we have Mor’du and Merida’s mother, who became a bear from the witch (Boo)’s magic.
  • In “Finding Nemo” (2003), Nemo is kidnapped by a dentist, and using intelligence, all the fish escapes the Dentist’s office, during the credits.
  • In “Ratatouille”, Remy takes control of a human.
  • In “Up”, (2011-2016), the dogs can talk, thanks to tech
  • In “Bug’s Life” (2898-3000), with all the humans and machines gone, the animals rule the world.

How the Pixar Theory works on the Machine side:

  • In “The Incredibles”, (1950s-1960s) a machine revolts against its master and succeeds.
  • In the “Toy Story” (1997-2010) franchise, the toys who move on their own when their owners are not there, and have feelings. I mean look at Jesse and Lotso Bear!
  • In “Cars” and “Cars 2” (2100-2200), the cars are the only beings there because the humans in “WALL-E” are already in the ship.
  • In “WALL-E”, (2800-2900), after holding the humans in a ship run by machines, the autopilot is defeated by WALL-E and EVE and return the humans to Earth.
  • In “Monsters University” and “Monsters Inc.” (4500-5000), the monsters (or evolved humans) depend on children’s screams, but then children’s laughter for energy

How “Inside Out” fits into the Pixar Theory:

  • Riley was likely born during our transition between the monsters scaring us and making us laugh.
  • Bing Bong was likely partically based on a monster (the legs), and as this video says, it’s likely George Sanderson, the monster who was shaved for having a kid’s sock on him. George made Riley laugh, most likely, as Joy took over Fear as the dominant emotion in people. (NOTICE THE LEGS!)

The Pixar Theory is good. I actually believe it to be true, and to which I congratulate Pixar for planting it all, and I thank Jon Negroni for noticing it all!

Syndrome was not the villain of “The Incredibles”. He was an anti-hero.

This was a long three part essay written on Giant on the Playground defending Syndrome.

How it works:

  • Let’s start with what Syndrome was doing: Killing supers when the government didn’t want supers in the world.
  • The government never told any super about what was going on. The government probably funded Syndrome. At the end of the film, the government CLAIMED they would arrest Syndrome. They likely respected Syndrome and would have let him go, but that’s another theory I’m trying to piece together.
  • Syndrome took out the most threatening or wild card supers: Psycwave (Mind Control. Massive threat), Everseer (mind reader and future seer), Macroburst (Wind control), Phylange (Sound control), Blazestone (Fire), Downburst (Gravity control), Hypershock (Earthquakes), Apoglee (Gravity control), Stormicide (Wind bursts), Gazerbeam (Laser eyes), Gamma Jack (Radiation). Most are either emotionally unstable, threats to society or are in situations that could unset said supers.
  • He took a massive risk by telling Mr. Incredible to kill Mirage, but he knew his weakness. Mr. Incredible wouldn’t kill if he could help it.
  • He did not know there were kids on the plane, he did not know if Elastigirl was being honest.
  • Sending out the Omnidroid into the city was Syndrome trying to prove that people with supertech was better than superhumans
  • He kidnapped Jack-Jack because, let’s face it. The Parr family was quite dysfunctional.

I think had Syndrome never used the operation, I think the Bob and Helen split. On the other hand, if you combine Tony Stark and Hitler, you have Syndrome. But no matter what, Syndrome FAILED, and massively failed.

Finding Nemo never happened:

The theory shows Marlin going through the five stages of grief.

How the theory works:

  • The cold open is Marlin losing his family
  • The first stage of grief is denial. Marlin saves Nemo (which by the way, is latin for no one)
  • The second stage is anger. Marlin in bitterness doesn’t give Nemo any freedom, who in bitterness goes and touches the “butt” (or boat) and is kidnapped.
  • The third stage is bargaining. The turtles, Dory & the sharks try to teach Marlin that it doesn’t matters anymore (Turtles & Dory) and not everything is as it seems (the sharks).
  • The fourth stage is despair. Nigel takes Marlin to Nemo, only to see him almost die.
  • The final stage is acceptance. He realizes that he needs to let Nemo go to school.

Basically, “Finding Nemo” is based on the “Frozen” song, “Let It Go”.

Or… “Finding Nemo” and “Frozen” are the same movie.

Good, Bad or Ugly?

It’s good. It’s very interesting.

The Doctor uses faces he saw in previous generations and chooses to use the faces in regeneration

The 12th Doctor is currently played by a character from a 10th Doctor episode.

The first Doctor met the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Doctors…. the 5th Doctor met the 6th… who met the 10th Doctor… who met the 11th Doctor.

How Captain Jack became the Face of Boe

At the end of season 3 of Doctor Who, Captain Jack mentioned that he becomes the Face of Boe, leaving us pondering how he came to that, and we met the Headless Monks.

  • Dorium was in leagues with the Headless Monks and he sold River Song a time manipulator, which he plucked off the wrist of a handsome time agent (possibly Captain Jack)
  • Captain Jack WAS as time agent and he had a time manipulator in the end of season 3

The Great Stone Dragon in Mulan

The theory suggests either Mulan or Mushu is the Great Stone Dragon.

“During the scene when Mulan decides to go to war instead of her father, she decides to do it while sitting on the foot of the Great Stone Dragon. The image of the dragon looking over Mulan is repeated several times throughout the sequence, and the bolts of lightning strike at significant times whenever the dragon is in sight. When Mulan takes her father’s scroll and when she is praying to her ancestors, the Great Stone Dragon can be seen. It is also engraved on the sword Mulan uses to cut her hair and the handles of the wardrobe containing the armor are in the shape of the dragon’s head. The dragon’s eyes glowing in the temple symbolizes Mulan’s role as protector of her family awakening, instead of the actual dragon.”

tumblr user sansaspark

Mulan didn’t want her father to go to war, figuring he would die, so she prays in front of the Great Stone Dragon, and the spirit passed on to her and she goes to war.

The merchant at the beginning of Aladdin

Theory #1: He made the whole story up

Theory #2: The Merchant is the Genie

Theory #2 is supported here. This was the original ending to Aladdin. The theory is confirmed here.

Different things in Birdman

Riggan planned his death and foreshadowed it, failed the first time, and succeeded the second try.

  • The end of Riggan’s play has the main character shooting himself (maybe Riggan was suicidal from before the beginning)

Other Theories

  • Jake, the agent represents reality. He sees things as they normally should be. He sees Riggan ripping up his room, throwing around things.
  •  The drummer shows foreshadowing. Whenever there is drumming, something important happens within a few minutes
  • Blue represents dreaming. When Riggan’s girlfriend tells Riggan he’s pregnant, it’s blue, and she was never pregnant.

Whiplash is represented by clothing colour

The darker the colour, the more confident the character is. Fletcher wears black all movie long. Neiman wears darker clothes as the film progresses.

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Amazing Race 27 Half-Season Post

Review of first half of the season:

What I was RIGHT about:

  • Alex & Adam went early
  • Kelly & Shevonne went early
  • Tanner & Josh are getting a massive edit
  • Tiffany & Krista being at the bottom so much

What I was WRONG about:

  • Justin & Diana would be the first ones out
  • Cindy & Rick being 4th
  • Jazmine & Danielle would win
  • Ernest & Jin would make the end

Mid Season Power Rankings (Based on edit and performance so far):

6. Logan & Chris

Constantly fighting, always in the top half of the leg standings, at least they’re somewhat fun to watch.

5. Denise & James

Always on the bottom, had a tough leg and have been showed a lot as a team who will have no shot.

4. Tiffany & Krista

I’m truly shocked they aren’t gone or on the bottom of my power rankings, but they are good socially, so no U-Turns, but they’re willing to U-Turn, and they are good at some challenges.

3. Tanner & Josh

A strong team determined to defeat Justin & Diana, but rivalry edit doesn’t usually end in a win.

2. Justin & Diana

Has 4 leg wins so far, have a massive rivalry with most teams, if they can past the U-Turn untouched, they win. If not? They could go home and argue.

  1. Kelsey & Joey

They’re going to win. They have a nice person edit, they have no enemies, they are always so close to the win, and Justin & Diana takes it away from them, building up to stealing wins away from Justin & Diana including the final leg.