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RWBY: Volumes 1-3 (Or the Rooster Teeth animated show)

The Spoiler-Free Beginning

In another world, called Remnant. In said world, there are kingdoms. Outside the kingdoms, there are creatures called Grimm, who are incredibly dark and choose to eat humans. Huntsman and Huntressess, and they have semblances which is like a superpower fight these monsters. Also, there is something called dust. Dust are powerful jewels representing the elements.  There are also another race called Faunus. They are humanoids with physical animal traits.

Ruby Rose is a 15-year old girl who wants to be a huntress, but she wasn’t allowed to go school to be a huntress because of age. She fights a group of robbers who are trying to rob a dust store and the headmaster (Ozpin) and another teacher (Glydna) for Beacon Academy, a school for huntmen and huntresses sees how good she fights, while they were helping Ruby, and they let her in.

At the school, she is with her older sister, Yang and within the first day, they meet a boy named Jaune, two girls; Weiss and Blake. Then there is an initiation, where you are partnered up with the first person you make eye contact with. Yang is partnered with Blake. Ruby is partnered with Weiss, the two who didn’t like each other. Jaune was partnered with a champion fighter named Pyrrha.

Within the partners, two sets are put together. Yang and Blake & Ruby and Weiss are made team RWBY, Ruby being the leader. Jaune was made leader of team JNPR with Pyrrha, and a pair of two old friends named Ren and Nora.

The story follows mostly team RWBY and team JNPR as they live life as training huntsmen & huntressess and fighting Grimm monsters.

My Review



The world of Remnant is a world that is very chaotic. It could be a world that is early in it’s civilisation, but they already had a great war that threatened individualism. After the war, the school for huntspeople was created. Also, the “Color Naming Rule” was created, all people and teams need to be named in relation to a color, because of indiviualism was threatened. SEE BELOW.

(RWBY Wiki) (


The character of Ruby is such an interesting character who looks innocent but she is able to make brilliant fight plans, and fighting style. One great moment on the show was when she was geeking out about what weapons people have, despite having one of the most powerful weapons in the world. But Ruby is in a way, a moral compass and she is a great leader. She has a scene where she talks to Jaune about being a leader, where she gives Jaune a good speech about giving him hope with being a leader, only a few hours after losing her confidence but having a good talk with Ozpin.


Weiss’ character is a hard character to watch for the first few episodes, but she becomes an interesting character. She seemed like a foil to Ruby, until a professor talks to her to help her realize that she can believe in Ruby as a leader, which is a touching scene, and then she becomes a cool character. Her treatment towards Faunuses is hard to get through in the story at the end of volume one.


Blake is the most calm character of the story and she is shy and unwilling to go to the dance. Additionally, she runs when she gets too frusated. Blake may be the least talkative one of Team RWBY, she has some humor to her. She has even stronger beliefs then Ruby, which is explained. Blake is a very mysterious character for the first volume, but RWBY becomes as much as her story then Ruby’s story.


Something that annoys me about how Yang is shown, is that the voice of Yang is Rooster Teeth podcast regular, Barbara Dunkelman who makes a lot of puns on the podcast, but there are little references to that except for complaining about others’ puns. Despite that, Yang is a funny character. She is the happy peacekeeper of Team RWBY. She is the most socially adapt person on the show, and she’s the nice one. She sees fun in everything, like the food fight in the beginning of Volume 2 (which is the funniest RWBY scene.) Yang in a way is the mother of Team RWBY.


Jaune started at Beacon as puking on the plane over and being the least confident person at school. He is then pushed into leadership of Team JNPR. Jaune is the kindest person and he is as Yang is to Team RWBY, Jaune is Team JNPR. Eventually, Jaune begins to build confidence with help of his teammate, Pyrrha.



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Fan Theories Pt. 2

Disclaimer: Some of them actually have no answer to it.

A few months ago, I did a post about Fan Theories and I called it “Fan Theories Pt. 1” (link is below)

This is part 2.

Princess Bride

In the movie: Wesley had told Dread Pirate Roberts about Buttercup and was kept alive for that. Dread Pirate Roberts made Wesley the Dread Pirate Roberts (which is a code name)

This one is probably well known, but I brought it up on Reddit (Link in the subtitle). The premise of this idea is that The Dread Pirate Roberts heard the story of Buttercup and was touched, but still kills Wesley. He immediately regrets it and then looks for Buttercup in a way to repay Wesley, but never tells Buttercup (for obivous reasons).

“The Polar Express”

You meet a character on the roof on the train. He is a hobo, who is voiced by Tom Hanks. Along with the main boy, his dad, Santa and the Conductor.

I can’t find any reason for the hobo, but I have started thinking about who the Hobo could be:

  • An alternate version of either Billy or the hero boy if they never went on the train, they become bitter to life and became homeless and figures out time travel and makes sure his younger self gets on the train and disappears forever after. Counter-argument: Paradox! PEOPLE IN DIFFERENT TIMES SHOULD NEVER TOUCH!
  • The ghost of the original conductor who makes sure nobody ever falls off the train, because he’s a nice dude

Additional Theories I have no idea about:

  • When the Hobo disappears, why is the last thing remaining his hand?


This one is a silly, yet disturbing one. They’re all patients in an insane asylum in the ’50s. I refuse to type about, but it’s mind-blowing. Link is below

Doctor Who

  • From series 5, there is a huge alliance made of aliens who hate The Doctor. Prisoner Zero was the first to mention it. When the alliance comes, he is imprisoned, but Prisoner Zero was not there when the alliance imprisons The Doctor. Also, the Silence was part of it… everyone just forgot.
  • Midnight’s monster… who is it? I actually don’t know and neither does anyone else! Please help all of us!

Wizard of Oz

  • Oz is a parallel universe and the Wizard is Wonka after realizing he’s a failure… maybe?
  • Glinda is evil and was using Dorothy to get rid of her competition (like Grace Cahill may have in The 39 Clues)


  • One that overly bothers me: the poem “Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night” is mentioned multiple times.
  • Another one that bothers a Reddit user: After being on the planet for 23 years, Cooper and Brand’s colleague was fine. He doesn’t go insane. HOW! HE WAS ALONE FOR 23 YEARS

Falling Into Place

I have two theories about this novel, but this spoils this novel heavily.

  • It’s all based on the last five chapters. Liz died and the end is what her imaginary friend wanted to happen and she’s fading into the ether forever and she trying to teach us all a lesson.
  • The other is that Liz is letting go of the imaginary friend and she is fading and she is teaching us all a lesson.

Edge of Tomorrow

  • That ending. That’s all I have to say. HOW DID HE RESTART TIME?! HE LOST IT!!!!!!

Sharkboy and Lavaboy

I have one theory, but it’s likely wrong… Max is a mutant and his power is he can create new worlds and people in that world.

Sherlock (BBC)

  • In episode one, the cab driver was immune to the poisonous pill (like “The Princess Bride” in the battle of the wits) and Sherlock would have died (for real)
  • In the end of Season 3, Mycroft says “You remember what happened to the other one?” who is this other person? The death of Moriaty? Irene Adler escaping? A third sibling?
  • Various discussions of Sherlock not dying and Moriaty not dying or actually dying.

Legend of Zelda

  • The timeline (Which in fact has been explained. Click here)
  • The game breaks the fourth wall and Link explains what’s going on to us. Click here


There’s one on Reddit and I really liked it, but it is somewhat disturbing BEWARE FELLOW HUMANS. Bowser is Peach’s dad and the king of the Mushroom Kingdom (Click here).

_________ is the true hero of ________. Or ____________ (perceived hero’s name) is the villain of _________

Always a fun theory to come across if you are familiar of said story. Honestly, just type into the Fan Theories subreddit search bar “is the true hero of”


  • Samwise is the true hero of Lord of the Rings (films)

This exists. I don’t know where. This is my personal favorite theory, because in a way, Frodo addresses that theory when Sam tells Frodo how famous he will become.

and various others

Wreck-It Ralph

This is maybe the only fan theory I made myself before I read it. Calhoun shot her husband as he got eaten by a Cyborg, which is incredibly sad.

The Incredibles

Kari playing Mozart causes Jack-Jack to get his powers. Click Here


The Ones I don’t have an answer and I need help for that

  • “The Polar Express” hobo’s hand
  • The monster from Doctor Who’s “Midnight”
  • The poem from “Interstellar”
  • Ending of “Edge of Tomorrow”
  • The other one from “Sherlock”


Feel free to break all my theories, or other people’s theories

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Why “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher is a life-changing novel


A girl named Hannah Baker commits suicide, but she leaves 13 audio tapes for the people who in some way or another, all accidentally caused her to kill herself. If the tapes are not sent to the 13 people, she has someone to release the tapes out into the student body. Clay Jensen, who had a big crush on Hannah gets the tapes.

My Comments/Review:

  • Inspires many questions like: “How can my actions affect others?” or “Are emotional reasons valid reasons?” or “Should I feel bad for Hannah?” or “Did 13 people all really contribute to Hannah’s death?” or “Why does Clay spoil the ending in chapter one?” or “Can anyone really be too far down to be brought back?”
  • A very serious book that gives awareness to suicide
  • Despite Clay is the narrator, I would have rather seen the story to be narrated by Tony, or have a prequel about Tony. Tony was maybe the most important character of the book and he was there the whole way.
  • Tape number ten is a great part of the story, but not the best tape. The best tape was Clay’s. It was an unnecessary but still necessary anyways.
  • One of the most interesting endings. It opens up even more to the story, but it resolves the main storyline for Clay.


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Cloak of the Light (War of the Realm Book 1)

Cloak of the Light is a somewhat tragic novel about Drew Carter. The novel begins with his father’s funeral. Then a car crash, then a horrible accident that takes his sight. But miraculously, he regains his sight and then some, but he sees people. Very dangerous people. His friend, Ben disappears, leaving Drew to find him. He constantly runs into a girl named Sydney who is a devout Christian who he falls for, but it’s not mutual. Angels & Demons fight for the Earth, and many different things go on.


I very much enjoyed reading Cloak of the Light the first time, it warrants a re-read.

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Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

Mila and her dad, Gil are heading to New York State to see her dad’s friend, Matthew for Easter weekend. But Matthew has run away leaving his wife, his dog and his son at home. Mila and Gil go to all lengths to find him.

What’s good about Picture Me Gone:

  • The twists and turns are creative and surprising throughout the book.
  • Mila is like a teenage girl version of Sherlock Holmes and Gil is in a way a Watson
  • The people in the novel are all brilliant

What bad about Picture Me Gone:



Review Awards

Best Character

Winner: Mila (no competition)

Best Moment:

Nominees: Mila & Gil find Matthew, Gil tells Mila the Truth.

Winner: Mila & Gil find Matthew.

Final Rating: 10/10

This was a brilliant novel.

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Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat) (2014) starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt

The Earth is at war with aliens called “mimics” and they seem to know all the humans’ moves.

Military PR man, Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) is thrown into battle where he kills an Alpha. What he doesn’t know, he repeats the day over and over again, and the battle before was won by Rita (Emily Blunt) who had the same “powers” as Cage. The only way to use this power is to die. To stop the mimics, Cage must find the Omega/brain and destroy it.

What’s Good about Edge Of Tomorrow:

  • It’s pretty funny. The “Cage constantly being shot” compilation clip is actually hilarious and the jokes are actually somewhat good.
  • It’s easy to understand the plot, but the plot is still complex.

What’s bad about Edge of Tomorrow:

  • Maybe the worst ending to a good movie I have ever seen. Just… horrible. I can’t spoil the ending. It’ll be after the final rating


Review Awards ;

Best Charcater:

Nominees: Cage, Rita, Kimmel, Griff

Winner: Cage

Best Line:


“On your feet, maggot!”, “I wish I didn’t know you, but I do”, “Think we better start over, don’t you?”, “No, sir. I’m from Kentucky.”

Winner: “I wish I didn’t know you, but I do.”

Best Moment:

Winner (no competition): The “Cage getting shot” compilation clip.


Final rating: 9.5

SO CLOSE to that 10. That ending was really bad.


This is an extra section just on how bad the ending was.

Keep scrolling

Last chance not to be spoiled!

So, Cage loses his “day-resetting” powers, he blows up the Omega and then he wakes up in the Helicopter from the beginning and Rita wins not just the battle, but the war.

Cage comes to the army base and finds Rita who asks him, “Yes? What do you want?” and Cage cracks up… cut to credits.

What? NO! I’m so confused! If you’ve seen the film and you get it, comment below!

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Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly

Harmonic Feedback was an excellent novel. The main character, Drea is an excellent character with her “touch of Aspergers.” I could connect with her because other than me being autistic, she is near the same age as when I read the book. Naomi was a brilliant character as a bad-girl friend. Justin was the most interesting character in the novel. His past was very interesting, and his interest in Drea was an excellent storyline. I loved Harmonic Feedback and I can’t wait to read more Tara Kelly novels.

What’s good about Harmonic Feedback:

  • Drea’s a really interesting character who goes through many tough struggles in fitting into life
  • Justin is a great guy character with a mad backstory and represents the knight in shining armor well
  • The plot of many different twists and turns is fantastic.
  • Naomi is a mad villain and I love it.

What’s bad about Harmonic Feedback:

  • Drea’s mom and grandma


Best Character:

Nominees: Drea, Justin, Naomi

Winner: Justin

Best Moment:

Nominees: Justin reveals his back story, Naomi Dies, Naomi meets Drea

Winner: Naomi Dies


Final Rating: 9.5

Very close to 10, but it has a lot of subject matter and some characters are just unlikable, brilliant plot.