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Mental Diversity in Fiction petition

I am starting a petition to make people aware of people with mental disabilities or mental illness in fiction.

Follow this link to get to my petition.

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“Mockingbird” by Kathryn Erksine



Mockingbird is brilliant. Caitlin is a brilliant character and she narrates the story in a way that somewhat make it non-emotional whatsoever and it is just absolutely brilliant. Between her honestly telling her classmate that her face is really badly bruised and somewhat ugly, to her showing up to her councilor with bloody hands and saying she was trying to cut down an oak tree with a quarter. Mockingbird is a brilliant dark comedy with heavy issues and the lack of description, this novel stretches your imagination to maybe make some assumptions. The novel also makes comparisons to the ever-famous To Kill a Mockingbird in the novel itself. Mockingbird shows that it takes big things to make changes, but changes can be made to people. (See Doctor Who explaining ripples and tidal waves, except he’s using time. People are the same. “It’s okay to make ripples but not tidal waves.” Well, Doctor, you’re actually wrong. Tidal waves cause change. Change is good.)

Caitlin’s father starts out as a boring character, but he grows into one of the great characters of the novel.

Then we look at Mrs. Brook, who I don’t think many readers would like at the start, but will grow on the reader. I am not the same. I enjoyed her wisdom as a councilor all book long. She isn’t the best character of the novel, but she is a great character.

Then you get to Michael, one of, if not the best character younger than ten in a novel ever. He lost his mother in the same school shooting, and Caitlin befriends him and they becoming a dynamic duo for most of the book.

Now, we get to my favorite character of the novel, Josh. Someone related to Josh was one of the school shooters, so almost everyone in the school dislikes him, so he just reacts. He is a bully because of everyone else, but he never verbalizes it until very close to the end and in the end, he becomes a very nice guy, but he is one of the best characters in a children’s novel ever.

Mockingbird is brilliant. I don’t care who you are, I urge you to read Mockingbird.


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Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kelly

Harmonic Feedback was an excellent novel. The main character, Drea is an excellent character with her “touch of Aspergers.” I could connect with her because other than me being autistic, she is near the same age as when I read the book. Naomi was a brilliant character as a bad-girl friend. Justin was the most interesting character in the novel. His past was very interesting, and his interest in Drea was an excellent storyline. I loved Harmonic Feedback and I can’t wait to read more Tara Kelly novels.

What’s good about Harmonic Feedback:

  • Drea’s a really interesting character who goes through many tough struggles in fitting into life
  • Justin is a great guy character with a mad backstory and represents the knight in shining armor well
  • The plot of many different twists and turns is fantastic.
  • Naomi is a mad villain and I love it.

What’s bad about Harmonic Feedback:

  • Drea’s mom and grandma


Best Character:

Nominees: Drea, Justin, Naomi

Winner: Justin

Best Moment:

Nominees: Justin reveals his back story, Naomi Dies, Naomi meets Drea

Winner: Naomi Dies


Final Rating: 9.5

Very close to 10, but it has a lot of subject matter and some characters are just unlikable, brilliant plot.

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Apple and Rain by Sarah Crossen

Apple is a girl whose mum left her and came back 10 years later with another daughter with a disability and she grows to enjoy her company, she also has to deal with the other people in her life.

What’s good about Apple and Rain:

  • Rain is Apple’s little half-sister and she has some special needs (likely OCD, Asbergers or Autism. It’s not mentioned) but she’s great
  • Apple’s mum is a really party happy lady and she represents the bad in her life
  • Del is a very interesting guy and he befriends Apple and Rain
  • Apple is a great anti-hero

What’s bad about Apple and Rain:

The grandma’s a bit to whiny.


Review Awards:

Best Character:

Nominees: Rain, Apple, Del

Winner: Rain

Best Moment:

Nominees: The Arcades, Rain goes missing, Apple announces she’s living with her mum to nan

Winner: Apple announces she’s living with her mum to nan


Final Rating: 1o

The perfect book, many twists, great heroes, great villain, great internal conflict… I love this book