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The Incredibles Theory: How the Supers got the powers

Before I start, this is where the theory comes from:

The Theory

This slightly goes with another theory that was on my original fan theories post (Link here. It’s the “Syndrome was not the villain of “The Incredibles”. He was an anti-hero. The third one) but you need to get to the end to understand.

What the theory says:

  • The Amercian government put powers into the people with Super powers
  • The children of two supers have supers.
  • The government most likely had trained and registered all the supers, then gave up on the project when Mr. Incredible does the thing with the train in the beginning
  • But they were funding Syndrome to get rid of the supers, unaware that he was killing them, not imprisoning him.

Is the theory legit? Absolutely. It also plays into the Pixar Theory (the theory saying that the entire Pixar universe is connected) with many references to the Incredibles, but no supers. Are the powers just illegal now? Or they soldiers at war?



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