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Why “Thirteen Reasons Why” by Jay Asher is a life-changing novel


A girl named Hannah Baker commits suicide, but she leaves 13 audio tapes for the people who in some way or another, all accidentally caused her to kill herself. If the tapes are not sent to the 13 people, she has someone to release the tapes out into the student body. Clay Jensen, who had a big crush on Hannah gets the tapes.

My Comments/Review:

  • Inspires many questions like: “How can my actions affect others?” or “Are emotional reasons valid reasons?” or “Should I feel bad for Hannah?” or “Did 13 people all really contribute to Hannah’s death?” or “Why does Clay spoil the ending in chapter one?” or “Can anyone really be too far down to be brought back?”
  • A very serious book that gives awareness to suicide
  • Despite Clay is the narrator, I would have rather seen the story to be narrated by Tony, or have a prequel about Tony. Tony was maybe the most important character of the book and he was there the whole way.
  • Tape number ten is a great part of the story, but not the best tape. The best tape was Clay’s. It was an unnecessary but still necessary anyways.
  • One of the most interesting endings. It opens up even more to the story, but it resolves the main storyline for Clay.




I have Autism and I write stories.

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