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MasterChef Jr. Season 4 Recap

Wow. What a season. It was predictable from the beginning that two girls would wind up at the end together. And as it is, it was Avery vs. Addison. The two A girls faced off.

In the end, it was Addison who won by a hair against Avery in perhaps the best ever MasterChef Jr. episode ever.


The chef report card:

Alexander: All I’m going to say is Alexander got screwed. He should not have gone home. His dish was better than Ian’s. His bandanna was fantastic. Also a good character as well. C+

Cade: No doubt the worst dish of the season, deserved to go home first, not a bad character all round. Worst chef of the season. F.

Annabelle: After episode one, people could have seen her as a power player this season and then she flamed out. D

Chad: Who? N/A

Vivian: Not that bad. Underrated. She was good in the first episode. Then she almost goes home episode two and she finally goes home episode three. C+

Kyndall: Great character, but not a good chef. C-

Jaeclyn: That hat is all anyone will remember of her. Somewhat useless. E

Adam: Who? N/A

Derek: Had no shot at all. E-

Nate: The mad scientist himself, good character, had a great shot to win but winds up as an early boot. Would’ve won another season. Still crying he didn’t make top ten, very underrated. B-

Mia: Not too bad, but she was a good chef in the season, in any other season, could have won. C+

Tae-Ho: Great chef, underrated as well. He was a good character. B-

Ian: Not a good chef at all, should have gone home episode one, but he was a fantastic character. C

Jesse: Great character, and he was great with desserts. B

Corey: Was only visible when he was any good or in danger. Not great, somewhat overrated. D+

Kaitlyn: I said most of the chefs before were underrated, but Kaitlyn was the most underrated chef this season. A-

Kamilly: Not a bad chef, but she was not great. C+

Sam: That mohawk! He turned down a job with Christina, the boy has guts. B+

Kya: The best chef who didn’t get to the end of the season. Easily could have won. Maybe the fan favorite. Got screwed in the final six. A

JJ: Who? N/A

Amaya: Somewhat annoying and wasn’t that bad or that good. C+

Zac: Invisible in the middle of the season, but could have won it all. B+

Avery: Laughs galore, great chef, candidate for fan favorite of the season, easily could have, and maybe should have won. A+

Addison: Brilliant character, dare I say it, a predictable winner (I picked her as my winner episode one) Massive downfall at final eight, until the finale and she cut her finger and made the huge comeback. A+


My post-episode one predictions:

Winner: Addison


Also had a good shot: Sam, Avery, Zac, Mia, Jesse.

Mostly right.

No Shot: Ian, Adam

Nailed it.

Favorites: Avery, Addison, Mia

Mostly right. Mia was boring. Updated: Avery, Addison, Kya.


Final Season Questions:

BEST COOK: Avery or Addison



FUNNIEST MOMENT: The marshmallow shower


MOST SCREWED: Alexander and Kya



WORST PART OF SEASON: Addison was the predictable winner.

BEST CHALLENGE: The croquembouche. I will say, that it should be a challenge in any version, any season. Also the child cookbook challenge.


That’s it. The fourth MasterChef Jr. season is finally over. I will be back for MasterChef Canada 3



I have Autism and I write stories.

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