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MasterChef Junior Season 4 Preview (Or Premiere Recap)

MasterChef Junior is back for the fourth season! And the kids are still cute and still mind-blowing good.

This is off the first episode and what people said and how much airtime they got.

Already gone:

Kade & Alexander:

Kade: Rightfully eliminated. Not that great, burnt his marshmallows.

Alexander: Should not have gone home. He had more marshmallows than Ian, and his dish was better then Ian’s. Just didn’t get the cake mold.

Everyone Else in the Competition:


His dish was bad and he should have gone home. He’s going home pretty soon.


Won the mystery box. Saved someone who was really invisible. Massive threat to win this season.


He was really funny, but he won’t win. He doesn’t suck, but he doesn’t rock.


Was not terrible, not great. Very invisible, but highly skilled, lots of potential.


Very good, could win this season. Dark Horse.


Hmmmm…. I’m not sure about Zac. He could win, but he could flame out and get really cocky, but he’s a good cook.


Definitely has a shot to win the season, and is the best cook over 10 in this competition.


Saved by Mia, other than that, WHAT DID SHE DO?

Amaya, Annabelle, Chad, Corey, Derek, Jaeclyn, JJ, Kaitlyn, Kyndall, Nate, Tae-Ho:



Quite the character, and a great cook. Has a very good shot to win. Not my pick, but she should make the final three.


Killed this episode, with how nice she is and having one of the best dishes of the episode. She is currently my pick to win the season, but it could switch with Avery or Kya.

Winner’s Pick after one episode: Addison

Who else has a legit shot?: Sam, Avery, Kya, Zac, Mia, Jesse

Who has no shot to win: Ian, Adam

Who are my favorites this season (Character wise): Avery, Addison and Mia.



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