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Picture Me Gone by Meg Rosoff

Mila and her dad, Gil are heading to New York State to see her dad’s friend, Matthew for Easter weekend. But Matthew has run away leaving his wife, his dog and his son at home. Mila and Gil go to all lengths to find him.

What’s good about Picture Me Gone:

  • The twists and turns are creative and surprising throughout the book.
  • Mila is like a teenage girl version of Sherlock Holmes and Gil is in a way a Watson
  • The people in the novel are all brilliant

What bad about Picture Me Gone:



Review Awards

Best Character

Winner: Mila (no competition)

Best Moment:

Nominees: Mila & Gil find Matthew, Gil tells Mila the Truth.

Winner: Mila & Gil find Matthew.

Final Rating: 10/10

This was a brilliant novel.



I have Autism and I write stories.

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